Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009...

So in an effort avoid the "twitter craze" I have decided to start blogging. I have tried several times but failed miserably and i believe that it is due to my lack of focus and narrowness of topic. So this new blog will be a place where i can write about anything, post recipes for the best friend, talk about silly things that happen at work, discuss the men that i meet and seek advice in the great abyss from friends and random strangers.

But rather than this being an opening to my blog, let's start with the end.

2009 in review...

  • Began with dating an unavailable man, not the home wrecker kind but rather one that has close ties to his family and a mother who will forever seek to keep her son single. Who needs that drama!
  • Began a new job at the university and was hired before completing my masters program which leads me to believe that i am "awesome." Flattered is a better word maybe.
  • Did not finish my thesis, however after a 3 month break i can pleasantly report that i am back "on the wagon" and writing again.
  • Broke into the world of on-line matchmaking. Met a ton of cool people, some crazy, and potentially one awesome one (a girl can always hope).
  • My mom and stepdad moved to Colorado and away from the rest of the world, the house is beautiful but the town makes "the chuck" look like a major metropolitan city.
  • Then we had the young man who my best friend refers to as Cowboy Cantina who turned out to show his crazy flag when he freaked out on his parents and ran away to New Mexico. Most people, when they need to clear their head, will run to the local coffee shop, gym or take a drive to a friend's house and not drive several thousand miles to another state.
And so now I am back on the prowl and still looking for love.

One of these days I'll figure it out...

But for now, CHEERS and best wishes in the new year!!