Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New car is a coming

So after a few weeks of looking and exploring my options, i have chosen a car. My "new to me" Ford Edge will be picked up today, hopefully. I am super excited for all of the bells and whistles that will accompany it so stay tuned for my real blog regarding this vehicle. Wahoo!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

As one season draws to a close, another one begins...

Football season ends tomorrow with the Super Bowl, GO Colts!!! It's been a real good year and i can't wait to next year and a new season.

But on to the next thing.... NASCAR!! Today it all begins with the Bud Shootout and then next week, Daytona!! Wahoo!! I wish that i could be in California for my birthday and at the race but I'll be ok and content with watching it on the DVR. Who's excited, this girl!

In other news, checked out the fireman's place and it is cute. One thing about Midwestern houses is that the rooms are small and i have no clue how people expect you to have the amount of crap that i have and fit it into a place like that. Ha ha ha!! Oh man, I'm such a girl.