Monday, February 7, 2011

From beneath the ice...

The first 2 days of this month brought us a major ice storm that turned my town into a giant ice skating rink.

There was a good half inch of ice on everything around us including my car. It took me 30 minutes to chip out my driver's side door and front windshield. Freaking ridiculous!

Classes at work were cancelled but employees aka the people that actually have to drive to work still had to report. What a bunch of crap. So for 2 days i played catch-up at work while i was stood up by all of my appointments. Not that I'm complaining... oh wait! yes i am.

But this did make for some great pictures, which my favorite is this one!

After the ice, we got 6 inches of snow so now campus is a slushy and icy mess. Safe to say, my cute shoes are hiding until the roads clear and the chances of falling and breaking my arm disappear.