Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to the grind...

Well it's official, I am back in the Midwest and the cold. After a few days of being back to the grind I was ready for the weekend. And then... the students return on Monday.

This week was busy with catching up on emails and work but it also included a date with a certain Mattoonian. Work... blah blah blah, I'm sure that the thing that you are most interested in hearing about is the date.

Well here you have it fans... since the weather was supposed to get nasty we decided that it would be a good idea to stick around the town and so he was going to make dinner at my place and then hang out since i had been gone for two weeks and had just retrieved the dogs from the "doggie spa" the night before.

Safe to say, he exceeded expectations for the evening. Not that i was worried but you know how it goes, normal first date jitters and knowing that we would be hanging out for a while. We had been talking over the phone for the entire time that i was gone so i wasn't expecting any funny business or for "the crazy vibe" to present itself. But enough with me trying to justify whatever and back to the story...
He showed up bearing flowers which as any woman can attest to, are lovely since most of the time we only get them when something bad has happened so this was a pleasant surprise. And then he brought out post-christmas presents which was unexpected since we had only just met before i left for the holidays but he got Bess a sweater and then he brought treats for Baines which he would have to share with Bess. And then, the snuggie showed it's face, ha ha ha ha!!! Leopard print and soft as can be. So safe to say, this girl was done over by the thoughtfulness of the mattonian. And then there was dinner, yummy pasta and wine over good conversation and lots of laughs. Safe to say, date one was a total success.

Stay tuned for more updates from a girl who is still figuring things out and i'll leave you with the song that was playing while i was writing.

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