Monday, March 26, 2012

Broken Blender vs Me = I win!

Oh man! Before vacation, I thought that i was going to have to buy a new blender because the "spinning thing" on mine had gone from 6 nubs to 2. It was not blending the same. I was cursing myself all the way to Colorado as i told my mom that i was going to have to drop around 200 bucks for a new blender.

But after my return home i got the idea to turn to the internet and see if this was something i could fix. My initial google search led to forums where people were complaining about sending their blender base back "for service" and the hassle that was involved. This led to me discovering that the part that was broken was the coupler and a YouTube tutorial that led to me figuring out how to take it off. Next item was to see if this was something i could order myself without having to go through the manufacturer. Low and behold... amazon came to the rescue!!

The coupler sells for $5.36 from Amazon which is amazing! Do not order the coupler replacing tool thingy. Realistically you have a rubber mallet and flat head screwdriver in your toolbox and those work just fine. Follow this YouTube tutorial and it will come off.

If the few hits does not work, as was my case. Try this...

Find the flat side of the washer underneath the coupling and place a flat head screwdriver against it so that it doesn't turn when you turn the coupling. Then turn the coupling clockwise while the flat head screwdriver remains in place. This worked for me and it popped right off. In a few days the replacement will arrive and all i have to do is screw it on. I'm glad that this fix only cost me 6 bucks instead of the cost of a new blender.

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