Sunday, January 8, 2012

Half Marathon Training

Time to start training. For those of you that have New Year's Resolutions regarding fitness or if you have "running a half-marathon" on your Bucket List, then this post is for you! Like so many of my friends out there, i have recently discovered a love of running.

Like my favorite Pinterest posts...

I truly took this to heart and found tools that have helped me be successful in my run/walk routines. Tools such as the FREE Podrunner Interval, random playlists on my Ipod, Fitness Magazine's Daily Fit Tip, and FREE Yoga Videos are all great things to keep you going.

Through combining several of these resources, I have created a monthly calendar for training for a half-marathon (13.1 miles). Here is month one! The non-running days you do not have to do a yoga like i have chosen to do but i would encourage you to do something active and fun!


  1. wowzer, thats quite the workout routine! Best of luck. I'm gonna try out those free yoga videos. :)

  2. Amber- I've got a "couch potato" ab workout that will post later this week. I like to do "mini" routines while watching tv. :)

  3. You're amazing! I could never ever do this! Good luck friend! :)

  4. Just came across this on pinterest! Let the training begin! Thank you so much for the tips! What does the 5 min warm up consist of?