Monday, July 2, 2012

Motivation Monday

This week I am in Tucson, AZ for my sorority's convention and there is nothing easier to do that fall into that "I'll take a week off" excuse and see this as a FREE week. Nope! Not my story. While I will be reconnecting with fellow alumna as well as making new friendships, I will still make time to run and do my TurboFire routines. I am going to be one of those annoying morning people that is up and moving at 5am (like I am here). The food at this thing is always tasty and packed with calories so moving around the resort will keep me out of trouble.

I have rarely had a problem traveling and working out. While visiting my best friend Melissa in California this spring, we would place her infant daughter in her Bumbo seat and she would watch me jump and kick and punch while laughing and thinking that it was a game. It's all about priorities and my priority is to stay the course and not slip back into old ways. This truly is a lifestyle change for the better.

Happy Monday!

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