Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mid Week Check-In Week 4

I've never had it done and they do it for free so i figured, why not?!?

Today i had my cholesterol checked. It's all a part of the Adult Fitness Program. In order to do this i had to fast for 12 hours which put a kink into my workout plans. I had intended to do Insanity's Cardio Power and Resistance but once i found out that i could not drink water (minimal) after 5:30pm i figured that that would be a bad idea.

So i went this morning and had my middle finger "milked" by a graduate student who was doing the test. LOL! After this i went and did the 5K podcast and ran 2 8-minute intervals. Good job me!

I figured that i had lost some water weight so out of curiosity i stepped on the scale... 160 lbs.

Fitness/Stretch of the Week involves a Bosu Ball. These are some easy things to do at home while watching GLEE, Revenge, Survivor, etc. Try doing these during an entire commercial break... it's tougher than it seems.

Have a fabulous rest of the week!

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