Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week Four Results!!

Traveling and falling off the wagon are a natural part of the process. The last four days i have been in Kansas City visiting a close friend which meant that i was going to be eating out a lot and probably not the healthiest things than i could. The workouts were also non existent so it's time to face the music and see what the scale reads... 162lbs. Wahoo! I expected it to be much worse.

Anyways, back to the program. Today i pick Insanity back up and will repeat week 5 of Podrunner Intervals First Day to 5K since i did not do the Friday run. I am really enjoying this podcast and running is not that bad.

The clippings for this week focus on our abs. While i might not have easy access to gym equipment for the first one, the second and third ones are easy enough to do in your own house.

Here we go! Time to get back to work!

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