Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A DILEMMA with an easy solution

For those of you who don't know my personally, i will let you in on a secret. I work with students, more specifically college-aged students at the university. In my every day path i tend to deal with attitudes, dumb decisions, and lack of understanding which can lead to one feeling negative and jaded about people in general. Actually, i love my job, i love seeing the "light bulb" turn on as a person "gets it" and to watch them develop into a responsible person. That being said here is the dilemma...

A former student  has fallen on hard times and due to circumstances beyond his control he had to leave his residence hall. People here on campus have gone above and beyond to help him get settled and adjusted but it seems like there is more that we can do. He lacks all of the basics that many of us acquire over the course of living on our own (i.e. couches, dining room table, blankets, pillows, etc.). The thing that hit me the most was the fact that he does not have a bed. He is currently sleeping on a borrowed air mattress which while it works, is no way to ensure a good night's sleep. This just tore at my heart. After some searching it appears that Big Lots sells twin mattresses for 100 dollars.

So this got me thinking... how could i "friendraise" over a hundred dollars so that i could get him a bed and some sheets and blankets for the winter months? And then it hit me... For the past year i have been saving for a Louis Vuitton purse and have been setting aside savings every month in an effort to buy my purse when i go out to California this winter. I almost have enough for the purse that i want which those of you that understand the power of the LV probably have an idea of how much money that is.

A simple question with an easy answer...
Do i sacrifice a year long goal for the needs of another?

Simple Answer.... YES!
I think that i will also add in one of those bed-in-a-bag things and some pillows. Apparently the guy has NOTHING, but soon he will have a bed.

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  1. Kudos and brownie points to you : ) I am sure it will mean the world to him.