Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 7 Results

I had no internet last week so sorry for the delay.

Well friends, i think that i fell off of the wagon this week. Thanksgiving week which is a tough week to begin with but add in a sick family member and that brings added stress. a little insight into my life... i am the peacekeeper in my family or ray of sunshine. I always try to see the positive in anything and so this week was especially draining. Those of you who have had an ailing grandparent/parent/sibling understand what i am talking about. My grandfather is getting close to the end of his life and my grandmother is suffers from dementia so there is no way that she can take care of him so we have been trying to set the both of them up this week while celebrating the holidays.

Between helping my grandpa around the house and the hoodlums at the hotel, i have had little to no sleep or exercise. The sleep is a whole other story. I was staying at one of the local casinos at a killer rate (39 bucks/night) but with this rate there was a catch apparently. So my neighbors on the 11th floor had 2 children who were up til 11pm and screaming at each other while they were awake. It probably didn't help that mom yelled as loud as them either. Seriously people!?!?!? And last night BUSH was in town and so the locals were enjoying the concert and thus crashing at the hotel. 2:30am Sunday i was awakened by a drunken idiot male screaming at his girlfriend in the hallway. I felt like i was in a Jerry Springer show. Another hotel guest came to the defense of the girlfriend and ended up getting sucker punched in the face. After about 15 minutes of screaming, security showed up and escorted drunken idiot to some other location. Geez... maybe it's time to not stay at this hotel. Thoughts?

I am anxious to see what the scale says.

Uh oh 163 pounds... time to practice better decision-making when it comes to food.  Tomorrow i head to St. Louis for a conference so i'll have to think about this constantly...

No journey is without struggle so i guess that this is my struggle.

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  1. good luck with your health journey! hope that you start to get the results you are wanting/working for!!