Saturday, October 8, 2011

Looking into tools and programs

As we prep for the start of my fitness routine, we need to examine the tools. I am poor and cheap when it comes to equipment and owning it. The only gym-like equipment i own at home is a yoga mat. And this yoga mat looks a little chewed.. i blame the dogs or maybe a mouse.

I have a morning rec center pass so i can use any sort of equipment there when I'm there. That being said, I did look into some "do it yourself" videos for the winter days when it is too cold/frosty to go to the gym. Living in Charleston, we tend to be cold but no covered in snow. We're in the icy mix belt and that just leads to quarter inch freezes where it becomes impossible to get into my car door at 5:15 in the morning.

I have both the Insanity and P90x DVDs and so i think i can work this into my plan as well.
I have done the Insanity Month 1 Workout, and that kicked my butt. Now i'll try to make it through Month 1 and 2.

I have never tried any of these workouts for this but i might consider doing the lean program. The tricky thing about this program is that you have to have extra equipment.

Another motivating tool is that i intend to use is the popular podcast of First Day to 5K, Gateway to 8K, and Freeway to 10K. I am determined to learn to love running. I have a companion for the running part of this.
Bess, Bess-a-roo, Bess-a-nese, mer mer mer, simple dog is a ball of energy and i think she will enjoy running instead of walking.

Baines, bubbas, boo-ba-doo is a total couch potato and he will be my relax and recovery buddy. This shouldn't be a stretch for him since his favorite pastime is napping and snoring.

Happy Lose the Bulge!

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