Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid Week Check-In Week 1

Alright folks, in an effort to prevent injury but work my way up to the insanity program, i am gradually increasing my daily activity.

Sunday I did a 20 minute Yoga Session from Yoga entitled Sun Salutation Flow #1. This podcast is absolutely free and also comes with a Pose Guide so that me, as a beginner, know what i am supposed to be doing. This session was a Level 1 session so it should have worked perfectly for me. One this i realized is that i have little to no upper body strength. One pose i am determined to master and so i have added it to my daily workout is going from High Plank to Chaturanga to Up Dog.

The two poses on either side seem relatively easy but it is this one...
that seems to be tough since the elbows are kept in and my body naturally wants to collapse to the floor.

Then like i do for everything else in my life, hairstyles, makeups tips, etc. I went to You Tube to see if there was a tutorial for how to do this move in the Sun Salutation series and much to my amusement there was a video of how to do this move. I am so excited to go home tonight and try this move using Sadie's tips.

Last week I had started the First Day to 5K series using Week 1. This series is set up to be done 3x a week. You can download it from iTunes or from the Podrunner Intervals website directly.Using my Rec Center Pass and the treadmills there, i am doing this interval series at 3.5 for my walking pace and 5.5 for my run/jog. This week i started with Week 2 of the interval mix and the beats make me want to dance while on the treadmill which is probably not the best idea for me and my klutzy ways.

I took a break from the cardio on Tuesday and decided to attend Pilates. This was a burner for my core and midsection so i think that i will continue to do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am excited to see how the rest of the week goes so wish me luck!

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