Friday, October 21, 2011

Mid Week Check-In Week 2

Jumping to Week 3 of the Podrunner Intervals mix has kicked my butt this week. My legs are a little sore but they always say... No pain, no gain. I think next week i will start the Insanity Program again to kick this weight loss into high gear. I was a slacker on Tuesday and Thursday this week and did not go to Pilates. I think that this has been a tough week. My legs hurt but nothing major just not used to the effort. I also think that this week has been telling in terms of commitment. It truly is easy to slip back into old ways and i really need to not allow that to happen. Having a schedule is the only way to keep it up. Taking the first two weeks to figure out the time for YOU helps with getting it done. I have realized that i am a morning person and they afternoon/evening commitment requires a whole other incentive. Before Sunday's weigh-in my homework assignment is to come up with an incentive for my afternoon/evening exercises. Any ideas????

I have found some good tips to share with you courtesy of the September 2011 Women's Health. See below for tips to help you shed those pounds based off of how many pounds you are trying to lose.

I found that using a chair for the balance ball exercises works just as well for these exercises.

Happy exercising!

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