Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NaPoBloMo: Someone you love

February is my Blog Post a Day Month and so i have jumped onto the blog wagon and will post a blog a day based off of the prompts given by @blogherblogging. This month's theme is all about family.

NaBloPoMo Prompt of the Day (Feb. 14): Tell us about someone you love -- your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, dog...

Well i already did one about my best friend earlier this month so let's pick a new friend. I'll write this post about Ray Ray, a sorority sister.

Rachel and I became friends through a unconventional path. I was working at the university while she was in college and i was her chapter advisor. She didn't like me initially because i told her NO. Ha ha ha!

She stuck around the university to work on her Masters Degree and we ended up working together which is where we began to hang out and become friends. She moved into the spare room of my apartment for a semester and it was hilarious! She joined in on the taco tuesday fun where we would end up joking around with "Hot Neighbor" and usually consuming a few beers or wine bottles. It totally depended on the day.

We have our own language that ranges from phrases like "Mer mer mer" which is the Bess call (dog) to "Ra de ra ra de ra" which is something that a local band calls a song. I'm sure many of you have phrases that are unique to a close friend.

Rachel then moved to Kansas City, MO and so it turned out that she was only a short/long train ride away but we usually ended up getting together every few months. Our plans consisted of sushi, shopping, drinks, and pancakes in the morning. There was one weekend where we were dead set on making tacos and as we finished shopping, the power went out and we panicked thinking that we would not get tacos that night. Thankfully we had power at her complex. It's like the gods knew that we would be a bunch of sad pandas if we did not get tacos. ha ha!

Rachel is moving back to St. Louis, MO which is even closer so i could not be more excited since now she will be only 2 hours away.

So on this Valentine's Day... i want to say i love you to my friends and family and hope that you have a fabulous day.

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