Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trouble Zone Target Move : Back, Butt, Hamstrings

Welcome to a new series: Trouble Zone Target Moves! Every week i will be posting a few new moves that are designed to target a "problem area" or as i like to call "a place for improvement."

This is a move that always gets me while in pilates. What are your thoughts?

Cinch Spill-Over: Alphabet

  • Lie facedown on the ground with arms by sides, raising them a few inches off ground so that palms are facing forwards, thumbs pointing up.
  • Lift chest and feet off the ground a few inches, squeezing glutes.
  • In lifted position, use arms to form letters, holding each pose for 3 counts: First bring arms out from hips at 45-degree angle (to form an M); then move out to sides at shoulder level (to form a T); then bend elbows about 9 degrees (to form a W); lastly extend arms diagonally overhead (to form a Y).
  • Reverse movement (forming Y, W, T, M), them lower chest and legs.
  • Do 3 sets of 6 reps.
Courtesy of Fitness

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